Introducing a new service offering from JCL…

JCL Material Coordination Services links Plant and Contractor teams to ensure that onsite materials management meets the needs of our clients. Our experienced personnel provide quality service, which reduces costs and allows your team to focus on other aspects of the project.

Our dedicated materials professionals utilize the latest technology and their hands-on experience to provide the following
• Manage materials and equipment for both maintenance and capital projects
• Maintain proper chain-of-custody for materials
• Work with Planners to optimize delivery schedules and expedite deliveries
• Organize, kit, and stage materials for use on projects
• Provide project procurement services
• Inventory and disposal of equipment and materials after project completion

To discuss how JCL Material Coordination Services can benefit your facility, please contact Brian Thomason or Jim Lefler.

Brian Thomason, Vice President – Operations, 918-994-6278,
Jim Lefler, President & CEO, 918-893-8010,