Introducing a new service offering from JCL…

JCL Material Coordination Services links Plant and Contractor teams to ensure that onsite materials management meets the needs of our clients. Our experienced personnel provide quality service, which reduces costs and allows your team to focus on other aspects of the project.

Our dedicated materials professionals utilize the latest technology and their hands-on experience to provide the following
• Manage materials and equipment for both maintenance and capital projects
• Maintain proper chain-of-custody for materials
• Work with Planners to optimize delivery schedules and expedite deliveries
• Organize, kit, and stage materials for use on projects
• Provide project procurement services
• Inventory and disposal of equipment and materials after project completion

To discuss how JCL Material Coordination Services can benefit your facility, please contact Brian Thomason or Jim Lefler.

Brian Thomason, Vice President – Operations, 918-994-6278,
Jim Lefler, President & CEO, 918-893-8010,

JCL Material Coordination Services Awarded New Projects

“We are pleased to announce that JCL Material Coordination Services has been awarded additional projects for 2021 and 2022, says Brian Thomason, Vice President – Operations. We have an impressive team of resources assembled to provide customized solutions for locations that receive and manage materials for turnarounds and major projects.”

A large petrochemical manufacturer on the Louisiana Gulf Coast, a major Texas refinery, are included along with other initiatives currently being finalized.

Two Million Man-Hour Safety Milestone

We are proud to announce that our employees have achieved two million man-hours without an OSHA recordable injury. This accomplishment would not have been possible without our team of highly trained personnel and their extensive experience in knowing and implementing effective safety procedures and work practices. Working with the incredi- ble customers that we do is also a big part of making milestones like this possible.


All three divisions of the JCL company—JCL Safety Services, JCL Risk Services, and JCL Material Coordination Services—reached
this safety milestone by completing over two million man-hours without any of the following injury-related incidents occur- ring: days off work, restricted work, transfer to another job, medical treatment beyond first aid, loss of consciousness, or an injury resulting in death.


“First off, I’d like to extend a huge thank you to all JCL employees for their diligence and hard work. Achieving this milestone wouldn’t have been possible without them,” says Jim Lefler, JCL’s President & CEO, “I’d also like to say thank you to our custom- ers who have trusted us to promote safety and operational excellence in their workplaces. JCL is a safety-services company, a process-safety company, and a material coordination firm that all promote operational excellence, and that means we look at our job as an opportunity to protect human lives and make a positive difference wherever we work. I’m proud to say that the entire JCL team takes that mission to heart. All of our employees have done an incredible job of executing safety procedures and job practices over the last two million man-hours, and I have no doubts about our ability to achieve the same level of excellence throughout the next million and beyond.”

At JCL we promote a company-wide commitment to safety by recognizing our people for working safely and championing those who demonstrate safety practices at the highest level. We also integrate safety into all of our corporate culture and policy. Outside of the company, there have been numerous organizations, customers, and vendors that have also recognized our excellence in safety, including AFPM, the Greater Baton Rouge Industrial Alliance, and more.

A few things really set us apart when it comes to safety standards…

“Quality training and experience is the key,” says Jim Lefler, “Many of our people have worked with us for at least 20 years.
We set experience standards and expectations for quality in all job classifications. Additionally, JCL is the only major safety
company worldwide that is owned and managed by Certified Safety Professionals. We have worked in 47 states and 6 foreign

We here at JCL are humbled, grateful, and look forward to continued opportunities to serve our customers SAFELY.