We use our knowledge, experience, and our systems to provide effective onsite material management.
Brian Thomason – Vice President – Operations


JCL has long been recognized by our customers for working with our customers on positive solutions for their most challenging issues.
By analyzing your current needs, we can customize a process for ensuring effective management controls for material coordination.


We understand that it is time to bring about a technology-specific solution to material coordination.

Jim Lefler – President & CEO

Our mobile technology is deployed to your site as a cost-saving solution for materials management. Compatibility with existing systems, along with field inventory and data sharing makes for easy access to ongoing materials requirements.


Request the “Materials Coordination Survey” and JCL will develop the process with as much or as little complexity as needed. Our professionals are deployed for this 2-day process which results in a summary report that details your requirements for your upcoming projects.

Solutions Customized

Our time meets with you early in the planning process in order to perform a Material Coordination Survey so that the materials and resources planned for the upcoming events are assessed and that experienced personnel are assigned.  If scheduling support is needed then preparations are made at that time to deploy experienced Planners/Schedulers

Our Procurement capabilities can be scaled to fit the needs of your projects.  We use our extensive network of suppliers to obtain quotes and review bids for materials prior to managing the requisition process.  Our technology-based software will generate Purchase Orders and track materials and supplies through the delivery and receiving cycle at your facility.

As materials are received on-site our software communicates with project management and purchasing to synchronize the inventory and also enable schedule updates as needed.

We stop the grab and go mentality and instill an accountability process for materials that documents transfers and maintains chain of custody so no one loses materials.

No issues with a maze of materials in a yard that no one understands.  We establish a staging process where the location of all materials may be instantly accessed in order to save time picking and delivering necessary materials where they are needed.

Our clients are constantly telling us how the organization and clean operations have saved them time and money.  The intelligence gained by the management of the materials allows for both forward-looking and a rear view to the steps taken to bring materials and supplies to the readiness point needed for the project.  Success is a way of life with JCL!