Project Summaries
JCL is our go-to safety services provider.
We’ve trusted them with multiple projects at multiple sites for a number of years.
Major US Refining Company
Project Summaries

We're Proud of the Work We've Done. And Honored to Help.

CP Chem – Orange, TX – JCL began operations on-site in the Spring of 2022 during the pre-turnaround time by coordinating with the turnaround team on needs and resources. We engaged in setting up the Materials Warehouse and aligning inventory and actuals. We ramped up resources leading into the turnaround and kept materials flow at optimum levels to ensure that materials and supplies were available in real-time prior to the actual need at the worksite. We also conducted post-turnaround activities to disburse materials and supplies following the event.

Delek Refining – Tyler, TX – JCL brought in an experienced team in the Fall of 2021 to setup the Materials Warehouse and manage receiving materials and supplies along with providing inventory control and turnaround planning support. Our team worked through the turnaround and assisted the facility with timely sourcing materials for the contractors from the warehouse and remote storage facilities.

ExxonMobil – Baton Rouge, LA – JCL completed opportunities on multiple small cap projects for the Chemical Plant where we established warehousing setup for sites pre-turnaround through post turnaround to ensure an accountability and tracking process was maintained for the materials required for the various projects.